Capri Zun Feminized 6 Pack


To create this Indica dominant hybrid Perfect Tree crossed Wedding Cake F4 from Seed Junky Genetics with the cup-winning cut of the Jet A, which they reversed from Exotic Genetix.
Baked in Paris is a true trichome machine. Its buds are dense and covered in crystal white resin. The terp profile is a blend of the classic funky Cookie terp profile enriched with some deep gaseous notes & hints of infamous Gelato terps.
Users can expect deeply sedative effects. Baked in Paris is a great smoke for a relaxing night.
Genetics: Wedding Cake F4 x Jet A
Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Yield: High
Flavour/ Aroma: Cookies, Gas, Gelato


Amazing strain from Perfect Tree! Capri Zun is a cross between Sunset Sherbert bx1 and Peach Ozz. Flowering time takes around 8 weeks. She is easy to grow indoor and outdoor.

Expect a fruity terp with a pungent smell of Zkittlez and a pinch of sherbert.

Genetics: Sunset Sherbert bx1 x Peach Ozz
Area: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 Weeks
Yield: Medium / High

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