8 Ball Kush


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Barney’s Farm 8-Ball Kush is a dominant indica cannabis strain with origins in some of the best varieties in the Pakistan and Afghan mountains. The current product is the result of years of cultivation attempting to bring out the best qualities of both parent strains.

The goal was to create a cannabis that would be easy to grow with an excellent yield. 8-Ball Kush succeeds in both of these areas. It is a true success story in the world of selective inbreeding and one that offers growers maximum benefit with minimal effort.

Not only are these seeds easy to grow, they are also very resistant to mould and the flourish under a broad range of growing conditions.

Their germination rate is near 90% and the seedlings they produce are hardy and healthy and take immediately to a 12/12 light cycle when grown indoors. They thrive in every imaginable setup from soil to potting to hydroponics.

Outdoors, these plants are harvested mid-September. They require a scant 50-55 days of flowering time regardless of the grow method.

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